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Vasos del Verano

The Best Quality Unbreakable Glasses

Vasos del Verano

About Vasos del Verano

The online sales office Vasos del Verano, founded in 2021, has shown after a long and extensive investigation that homeowners who have a swimming pool in Spain need unbreakable glasses. If glass falls on swimming pools or hard floors where people walk barefoot, it can cause a lot of problems and injuries.

Vasos del Verano has therefore sought a partnership with a company from Europe, which has been producing very high quality drinking glasses since 1990. So a company with over 30 years of experience and the customers of Vasos del Verano can benefit from this. The collection of unbreakable glasses, which have been selected in collaboration with the manufacturer, meet the strictest requirements with regard to the current environmental objectives.

Vasos del Verano Longdrink

Vasos del Verano

Crystal-clear Quality Products

Our unbreakable glasses already have an environmental label that will actually apply in 2024. This is an unbreakable product that is easily recyclable and will not burden the environment. In addition, the unbreakable drinking glasses from Vasos del Verano can simply be washed in the dishwasher, without any loss of quality.

Our products are of a crystal-clear quality and are therefore not inferior to real glassware,
The colored Champagne glasses in the colors white and blue are often used for festive occasions. Don’t hesitate any longer and order the glasses of your choice directly via our webshop, which will be delivered to your home in packs of 6 pieces.

Vasos del Verano

Best Quality Unbreakable Glasses